Alabaster pastor marks 45 years in ministry

By Nathan Howell / Staff Writer


ALABASTER– Alabaster residents may be familiar with Kenneth Stroup, who has been the pastor of the Alabaster Church of God since 2009. What you may not know about Stroup is that 2019 marks his 45th year spreading the gospel.

Stroup experienced many hardships growing up in Tuscaloosa county. He explained that when he was younger, he had some issues with drugs and alcohol, but when he was 19 he heard a calling from God that led him to join the ministry. Through his experiences, he found a message that would resonate with the community.

“A lot of my sermons deal with hope,” he explained. “I try to inspire people who may be going through a hard time with the word of God.”

After graduating from high school, Stroup attended the University of Alabama from 1973-1975 where he studied religion. In 1973, Stroup participated in the Ministerial Internship Program offered by the Church of God. It was during this program in 1974 when he began his evangelism.

Stroup went on to be an evangelist, which has allowed him to spread the church’s message throughout the world.

“I’ve preached in Eastern Europe, Central American, South America and the Bahamas,” he said. “I have also had the opportunity to preach in every state in our country.”

Stroup has spent his life working with Church of God organizations to further his ministry. He has been appointed to several elected positions within the church, and has gone on to work with city governments and organizations to help provide food and other necessities to better the lives of the community.

“We do a food ministry where we feed 2,500 plus families in the community. We provide some type of food source every weekend of the month,” he said.

Stroup has dedicated his entire life to spreading his faith, because his faith gave him so much hope as a young person.

As far as the future is concerned Stroup said “my plan is to stay in Alabaster until God is through with me. I plan to keep on doing what I’ve always been doing.”