Pelham reading program offers educational fun

PELHAM – Pelham resident Johanna Maldonado said she recently visited the Pelham Public Library twice in one day with her 9-year-old daughter who is participating in the library’s “Build a Better World” Summer Reading Program.

“She loves Book Bingo and we come to the library about every other day to hunt for different types of books she needs to read for Book Bingo,” Maldonado said.

But on Thursday, June 8, Maldonado and her daughter were at the library for a different reason – they were participating in Craft Day. Every Thursday at 2 p.m. the library hosts Craft Day as a part of the activities for its summer reading program.

The children spent Thursday afternoon chatting with friends and building and decorating birdhouses. Children’s librarian Rebecca Burchfield said 30 children participated in the event.

Because of space limitations at the library, Craft Day classes are limited to 30 kids. Burchfield said sign up for the class begins the on the Monday prior to Craft Day. Parents can sign up for events at

Alabaster resident Alana Jones, who attended the event with her three children and two of their friends, said she has been a part of the reading program for about 12 summers.

“I love it so much because it reaches so many different age groups,” she said. “Everyone can enjoy it.”

Jones said the children with her ranged in age from 3-10 years old.

“We’ve already signed up for other events,” she said. “Our favorites are Craft Day and Story Time. They want to come for Lego Day so we’ll probably do that too.”

Jones 9-year-old daughter, Eva, said she loves getting caught up in a good book. Her favorites are books with a cliffhanger ending.

“I get really excited about reading the next book,” she said.

So far, she’s read the Magic Tree House, Little House and Three Cousins Detective Club book sets.

Aside from the fun activities for children, Maldonado said library gives parents time to socialize with other adults.

Pelham resident Amy Green, who attended the event with her two children, said she didn’t grow up having easy access to a library like her children have.

“All of the programs here are fabulous,” she said. “It keeps them interested in reading.”

The library’s summer reading program will continue until July 22. Each day of the week the library will offer different activities for kids to participate in.

Parents can sign their children up for the program at any time and registration must be completed at the library. It is open to children from birth age to incoming sixth graders.

Upon registration, parents will receive a reading log, a “Book Bingo” sheet and a few goodies. Book Bingo is an ongoing game throughout the summer. The “Book Bingo” sheet lists different types of books kids can read – like fiction, non-fiction or funny books – and for each row completed the child gets a prize. If they complete their whole sheet their name will be entered into a drawing to win a bicycle.

Kids are also allowed to complete more than one “Book Bingo” sheet to increase their chances of winning the bike.

For more information, contact the library at 620-6418.

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