Disciple Now to return to Westwood Baptist

ALABASTER – Westwood Baptist Church will host their Disciple Now weekend from Friday, Feb. 10 to Sunday, Feb.12 from students in the seventh through 12th grades. According to Westwood Baptist small group leader Shai Hunter, this will be the first Disciple Now event the church has held in several years.

“We’re doing a lot of cool things with our students. There’s a lot of really good worship coming,” Hunter said. “It will be a great weekend. I love my church. It’s my home, and I hope people feel at home at this event.”

During that weekend, students will be able to stay at the homes of Westwood Baptist members around Shelby County.

“About ten members of our church family have opened their homes to these students,” Westwood Baptist student pastor Jarred Boyd said. “The students are separated by grade and by gender, and that’s where they will sleep and have Bible studies.”

Dean Inserra will serve as a guest speaker, and live music will be provided by Christian band More Than This.

There will also be a special black light event at Urban Air in Birmingham.

Hunter said the church understands that students may have scheduling conflicts, and are allowed to sign in and out for sporting events and the ACT.

According to Hunter, teenagers who participate in Disciple Now will be surrounded by positive influences.

“This will be a great weekend to surround yourself with very encouraging people. The gospel will be preached. Being a student in the seventh through twelfth grades can be really hard. Those years are really crucial to your growth and to seeing what your life is going to look like,” Hunter said.

Boyd said Disciple Now will help students become closer to God and each other.

“This event incorporates everything we want to do. We’ve got worship, small groups and some fun as well,” Boyd said. “It’s centered on the Gospel. The chief benefit of Disciple Now is to point students to Christ.”

Students who sign up are encouraged to bring their Bibles, a notebook, casual clothing, athletic clothing, a sleeping bag, a pillow, a 2-liter drink, snacks, toiletries and a towel.

Registration is open until Wednesday. Feb. 8 and costs $75. To register or find out more about the Disciple Now weekend, visit Ewestwood.org/dnowregistration.