Hoover City Council accepting applications for BOE position

By MOLLY DAVIDSON / Staff Writer

HOOVER—The Hoover City Council will be accepting applications to fill a position on the city’s Board of Education, Council President Jack Wright announced during a March 2 City Council meeting.

During the March 2 meeting, the Council determined applications for the position will be accepted for roughly three weeks, concluding at 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 26.

Councilman Gene Smith suggested the three week submission period, noting this would allow the Council adequate time “to gather background” on each candidate.

The City Council will select a candidate to fill the position on the BOE during the Monday, April 13 regularly scheduled City Council meeting.

Hoover BOE members are chosen by the City Council and serve for a period of five years. Terms of each of the five BOE members are staggered so “the term of one member expires manually,” the Hoover Board Policy Manual states.

According to the Board Policy Manual, BOE members must be Hoover residents, may not be members of the Hoover City Council and “shall be chosen solely because of their character and fitness.”

The City Council is accepting applications to fill BOE President Donna Frazier’s position, which expires this year. However, city officials confirmed Frazier may choose to apply for the position again.

Frazier has served two full terms on the BOE. She was reelected to serve a second term on the BOE from a pool of three other candidates during an April 19, 2010 Hoover City Council meeting.