State Farm hosts donation drop-off site

By NICOLE LOGGINS / Staff Writer

COLUMBIANA – State Farm in Columbiana has developed a customer care program to benefit local businesses. The program includes a donation drop-off point for citizens to give back locally.

State Farm and its customers have sent one load of donations to the Shelby Humane Society and are currently working on their second, according to employee Christy Edmondson.

“Our community is such a loving community and I see so many people come in that want to help and just don’t know how,” Edmondson said.

On Feb. 14 the Shelby Humane Society brought four dogs that are available for adoption to State Farm to show their appreciation to the business.

State Farm employee Janna Ford poses with Molly, who is available for adoption from the Shelby Humane Society. (Reporter Photo / Nicole Loggins)

Ruby, Curtis, Molly and Dirby are just a few of the animals that will benefit from the donations according to Shelby County Humane Society volunteers.

“Any support we get from the local community only makes it better for the animals,” said the volunteer.

Agent Craig Dorris said many people don’t realize what they have to give.

“When people start realizing the things they have and can part with, that’s when they realize they can give,” Dorris said. “People have stuff sitting around that they can donate.”

State Farm encourages citizens to stop by and make a donation to benefit the Shelby Humane Society. The humane society’s supply wish list includes, but is not limited to: kitty litter, canned cat food, dry cat and kitten food, canned dog food, Clorox clean-up, Fabuloso floor cleaner, old bath towels, blankets/sheets, large plastic storage bins with lids, copy paper and stainless steel food bowls and water buckets.