Mayor Roy a true leader

A century from now, Shelby County and Alabama residents will look back and take note of certain individuals who played a key role in the growth and success of our county.

One of those who will surely be remembered favorably is Calera Mayor George Roy.

His hard work was noted this year when the city of Calera approved a $7.7 million fiscal year 2003 budget.

The budget includes a projected $4 million in sales tax revenues, up more than $3 million from the $888,000 in revenues generated only five years ago.

Calera has been called one of the county’s fastest growing areas.

Anyone who lives, works or even travels through the area can vouch for that fact.

And much of the credit can go to Mayor Roy.

In addition to his work in Calera, he serves as president of an organization which represents all of the cities in Alabama.

He has taken a leadership role in shaping the future, not only for Calera and Shelby County, but for the entire state as well.

As Calera continues to blossom, we can all thank Mayor Roy and hope that Shelby County’s other mayors as well as those of the rest of Alabama will stop and take note of his efforts.

With leaders like George Roy, we are sure to have a bright future